Live the Mediterranean Way

  PALACE Pizza was founded by the Schiano Family in 1997 in downtown Lakeland and expanded with 5 other locations in the following years.

PALACE Restaurant Southside is a sleek combination of traditional Italian cuisine and American way of life. 

From Point Center Plaza, it has moved to the new and current location at Lake Miriam Plaza since 2017. 

Italian products inspire. Italian people honor and develop old traditions of winemaking, vegetable growing, and cattle breeding. 

The restaurant new concept aspires to collect the best Italian practices while using modern American gastronomic approach and techniques, local and organic products, in order to show how unbelievable they actually are. This is a brand new dimension, a brand new mind-blowing taste. 

A place where you can spend your time with pleasure and feel how delicious and deep every moment can be.

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